The DarkSky Mobile Platform
The Astrograph
Ritchey-Chretien 14” f/8

Ritchey-Chretien telescopes do not use any lenses in their design. Instead, they consist of a concave hyperbolic primary and a convex hyperbolic secondary mirror. This design provides superb image correction across the entire field as well as very sharp images on-axis.  This telescope has a focal length of 2848 mm and an aperture of 356 mm.


Losmandy G11-GT Equatorial Mount with Gemini II Controller

Offering exceptionally low, typically +/-5 arc-second tracking without correction (PEC) and a 75-lb. instrument capacity, our G11-GT Mount affords us unprecedented accuracy and performance.


Optics and Cameras

CCD & CMOS Imaging

While we have a number of cameras, we primarily use the ZWO ASI071MC. This camera uses the Sony IMX071 APS-C sized color CMOS sensor, for true 14-bit dynamic range, low read noise of 2.3 - 3.3e, and a full well capacity of 46ke! 

The Mobile Platform

Our platform is a laboratory environment for the student, educator or researcher. Everything needed to manage the primary telescope, as well as sensors and optics are provided in a comfortable working environment with all the computing power necessary for great observations.


DarkSky OnDemand is powered by Prism - it is the only software we need.